GST/VAT report with separate figures for local purchases and imports


While I am not in immediate need for it, I am looking at setting up a customised VAT report similar to the report shown on URL

Our VAT returns differ in that the tax on PURCHASES must list the VAT on LOCAL purchases separate to the VAT on IMPORTS.

The image of the report on that URL page seems to be a sub-segment of REPORTS and it has a ‘Customise’ tab. So I was wondering if it could be adapted to our local requirements but I can’t find any reports looking even remotely like the image. I think I can do it by looking at the setup the now retired accountant did for me many years ago in Quickbook, but I would need a basic report to start with.


GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS is country-specific report for Australia only. It will be automatically enabled when GST 10% code (Australia) is added in Tax Codes list under Settings.

There is similar report like that for United Kingdom and more countries are in progress.

If we don’t have country-specific report for your country yet, then Tax Summary report is good generic substitute to extract VAT totals for your VAT return.

Where are you from?


Thanks for your reply, Lubos

Location is Barbados (Caribbean) with a current VAT rate of 17.5% althought that may change again in the near future.

We also have small sister companies in 2 other countries/jurisdictions in the Caribbean which would have the same needs for reports as far as VAT is concerned.

In 1999, at the recommendation of our then accountant, we purchased QB Pro VAT (UK) version. This was a mistake. I was told later on that our VAT system is based on the Canadian GST.

With each QB upgrade/update the UK VAT reports became totally useless for our needs. In fact we don’t use the build-in QB VAT reports at all and an accountant prepared 4 different, memorised reports with appropriate filters for our VAT returns

  1. VAT on imports
  2. VAT on Sales
  3. NET sales (excl. VAT)
  4. VAT on purchases

Data for 2) to 4) inclusive are easy enough to extract in QB but for 1) we set up a vendor called “Comptroller of Customs [Imports]” On import of a container we get a bill from the customs department which includes among other expenses, the VAT portion based on landed cost. The VAT amount is posted to the VAT account (in our case acct nbr 2200) and all other expenses to COGS.

For VAT on Imports on the tax return the custom reports filter for Accounts Payable, vendor “Comptroller of Customs [Imports]”, transaction type “bills” and get the VAT on imports.

For VAT on Sales we filter for Account number 2200 (the VAT account), Transaction types Invoices, Sales Receipts, Credit Notes.

I was hoping that we could somehow use and modify your report to suit our needs.