Proposal - Financing Module

Dear @lubos,

how about starting a new accounting module called “financing” which, for starting, can be a clone of capital accounts both for data input and reporting (also with its own custom fields and the subaccounts)?

What would you do in such a module that cannot be done with existing ones?

Keep track of bank financings (drawdowns, reimbursements , interests and so on) and, thanks to the custom fields of all the termsheet of the financing contracts.

But why do you need a separate module for this? The types of activity you mentioned can easily be tracked with proper design of the chart of accounts. The transactions themselves are just receipts and payments.

Because they bring a lot of ancillary data that can be put only as custom fields. And a custom field can only be linked to a module.

Second, because I think that subaccounts that I find in the capital accounts would fit to the changing in the aging of part of the financing during time.

Third, also the reporting of capital accounts fits so well to bank financing.