Custom Fields

I want to open a discussion to understand how everyone would resolve this issue I’m facing. Maybe it will end with a request for @lubos of a new implementation of Manager but maybe it can be solved differently.

I use custom fields to store extra informations that are not by default mapped by standard Manager’s fields. Since there isn’t a module for bank financing I come up with a workaround using “folders” module with custom fields to store all the data that I need about this topic. But now I have to store some informations about derivatives that are completely different from bank financing and I don’t won’t them to mix with bank financing.

In a few word, where can we store different kinds of additional data that are not implement in a specific module?

How can I solve this need?

Can’t you just create a new folder? Or do I misunderstand your need?

A new folder has the same custom fields of any other folder. A bank financing has different custom fields from a derivative.

I think eventually I might add ability to create custom tabs and then you’d be able to set up custom fields for each tab separately. But this is quite far off still. There are still some modules which need to be implemented before - loans, jobs etc.

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Custom tabs would be great also to monitor some sections of the chart of accounts

Any tentative date for loan module?

Dear @lubos, a couple of years ago we were talking about a loan module or a custom tab module. Are they still in you plannings?