Projects not appearing on purchase invoices

Good day. I’m hoping someone can assist.
i need to start tracking projects costs on my manager but i don’t have an option for projects on my purchase orders, quotes or even my purchase invoices.
i have multiple projects running and when the guys buy stock, they buy for multiple projects on one purchase invoice.

As soon as you select a line item on your invoice the column for project selection appears. See guide at Create and use projects | Manager

it does not. I have gone through the guides before i asked the question tough.

Please show the projects tab. Also tell us if you use a Desktop edition (Windows (version of windows), MacOS, or Linux) or Cloud or Server Editions (also here Windows, MacOS or Linux with their versions). Also tell use the Manager version (is on the extreme bottom of every Manager screen in the center.

I can replicate the issue. The projects should appear when selecting a line item. @Lubos please this seems to be a bug.

I Use the desktop version Windows 11
and use version

I just did the update and it is working now. thank you guys are awesome!

Strange because on server version I see it on Sales Invoices but not on Purchase Invoices.

My apologies i did the new update now and it only appeared onto the Purchase order not the purchase invoice. i only made it out now. it is still missing. it seems i have jumped the gun a little bit on that one

Are the selected accounts (through Purchase Invoice, etc.) in line with these limitations?

But lets say. you need to allocate a stock item to a project. what then?
for example: i need to read in parts into stock to fabricate an item to successfully deduct from the inventory the production order is used to create the item. so i need to have that item in the inventory.
so the client needs on of these items along with a whole lot off other items.
this item needs to be tracked on the project as well for cost purposes.
so in sales invoices i can allocate a stock item to a project,
But in purchase invoice i can’t.
Meaning if the client buys the item the cost wont pull because it wont allocate the stock item when purchased. causing an untrue figure in the end of the project.

I think that is feasible at the level of the respective Purchase Order.

The purchase order does not offer you a spreadsheet of profit and losses on a project. it is only designed to read stock into your inventory.

On the purchase order you can allocate to a project yes. but there is no place to see the results after the fact

and its difficult to manage when one PO has multiple projects stock in.

By clicking the number under Direct Costs at Projects page, you can see the breakdown of these results for the respective Project.

But it doesn’t pull through from the purchase order and the purchase Invoice doesn’t allow inventory items to be allocated to a project.

I think the reason behind this is that when you purchase inventory it becomes your asset. Costs are allocated to Project direct costs when Inventory is actually used (Sold or write-off).
For sales invoice you can select project on line items because it just have to allocate the cost of goods sold to the direct cost of the project and income from that specific item to the income part of the project.

Incase of Purchase Invoice you cannot select Project for any line if it is connected to a Purchase Order(whether it is inventory or non-inventory item). So select all the Projects on lines of Purchase order and you are good to go. (For Purchase Invoice to have project on lines you need to remove the order number from P Invoice but there is no benefit in doing so if you can select Project on Order lines.)
However it would be better if direct costs from Purchase Order are allocated to Projects once its Invoice is created as in current implementation direct costs of project increases the moment P Order is created.