Program reverted to 4 days ago

4 days ago I started entring in purchase invoices, and normal invoices, 100’s of entries.
worked for 4 days but now when I open this morning the app it was back and all 4 days of work is missing. Please Help

Manager does not loose data once entered, it is impossible. You must have done something else, like importing a back-up of 4 days earlier. Check History for the latest entries.

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I have done no restore of any backup.

Well, explain what you did because as explained it is not possible for Manager to just have 4 days disappear from its database.

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You also should say what edition (Server, Desktop, Cloud) and version you are using

Also what Operating System - Windows, MacOS, Linux, …

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This was not done by Manager
Most likely you have entered the data in a different program data file to what you are viewing now.
Synchronising to an old data file can also result in this isssue, is your data directory mirrored?

using the Mac edition on an Imac. V24.7.7.1713

I presume that’s the Desktop edition

Did you upgrade from an earlier version recently?

Where are your business data files stored?

im stil using the same data file and and dit not do any thing out of the normal.

can one enter purchase invoices in bulk?

This version was released 2 days ago so you did update within the last four days. You also need to realize that Manager does not have any automation that could affect data in the database. So whatever happened to your data loss is done by a user. So the more detailed information you actually provide such as requested by @Joe91 of where for example you have your business data files stored, the easier it is for us to support you. Finding any issue requires in-depth analysis of what was done, when and by whom.

Although you dispute it but the easiest explanation is that you imported a business database that is 4 days old and thus not have taken the new information. I also asked you to look at History and most likely the last entries would also be 4 days old. So whatever you did resulted in an older database to be an active business. This for example could happen when you save backups to the same location as where the active business data are kept. Backups should always be made to other locations. Anyway the latter is just guess work.

I used an older version. and this morning when the info was gone I updated to cheak if it will fix the issue

Manager business data are kept separately from the Manager application. So in your case where you miss all entries you made in the last four days this is not due to the Manager application as explained. You still did not answer the important questions referred to in earlier posts.

I loaded invoices yesterday day. and made a backup when I was done, this morning when I opened the the program the invoices was gone and then I loaded the backup. no doing backups before closing the program to avoid losing info.

We asked several times where you store the Manager Data and backup files. Again I repeat Manager application can not cause this data loss. There is something that you do that causes this. Tell us step by step including screenshots what you actually do and again tell us where you keep your Manager data files and Manager backups.

Show a screenshot of your businesses too (start screen Manager)

the program saves it files in document in a folder called manager. the backups I copy to a usb

From the Guides

Application Data: Manage application data folder contents | Move desktop application data to another folder | Reduce data file size | Open a data file directly

Is your application data file in a directly mirrored to a cloud?
How do you backup your Manager data (from inside Manger or from the apple file manager)?
How do you open your Manger data file?

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no the documents does not backup to iCloud. I do backups via the manager app.
open data file in manager

I am sorry but it is clear that you do not want to be helped. If the problem you face would be a problem caused by Manager application than thousands would flock this forum and report it. I explained before that Manager does not have automation built in so can not change, delete, manipulate, etc any business data. The user, i.e. you are the cause of this issue.

Not showing us where you have your application data and your backup data stored, nor showing the startup screen of Manager showing the “businesse(s)” will lead us to guessing about what you as user are not doing right. To help you solve your user error it is advised that you provide the information as requested in full and not selective.

In Manager do you have one or multiple business files. If multiple have you looked in the other business to see if the data is there by accident.

Do you run Manager on any other computers

Have you used time machine on your Mac?