Program lagging

The program sometimes lags, I think it maybe due to the number of entries made. Any solutions?

Does it lag consistently at specific screen or randomly?

Randomly while getting away from one tab to another. Sometimes it takes a while to open the program too. I think it must be due to the number of entries and data inserted by me. Think so. Not a big issue, it just takes 5-6 secs lag randomly.

And yeah, it lags while selecting the Accounts receivable > Sales Invoice under current account

And also when we add around 20 journal entries for rounding off overpaid invoices

If it happens randomly, then it’s an external problem and I can’t really act on it.

In order for me to start optimization process, I need to be able to reproduce specific performance issue in consistent way.

Working with journal entries which contain many line items is currently known issue. It happens because there are just too many complex fields on the screen. I’m planning some performance improvements next month in that area so opening forms with too many fields won’t take so long.

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