Profit Loss report gets error

I am trying to look at out profit loss report, but i get an error. Just updated to latest version

This is the screen before the last one. I am not using the online version just the desktop version

Exactly what sequence of actions produced the error? I have not been able to reproduce this.

All I did was download the latest version. Then opened my data and wanted to see report.

I’m using the latest Desktop version 18.7.44 on Windows 10 and I cannot reproduce the error either.

This does not describe the sequence of actions. How did you install the download? What do you mean by “opened my data?” Did you just launch the program? Or did you select a business? Or did you do something else? You say you wanted to “see report.” But what did you actually do, not what did you want.

  1. I went to your website and downloaded the Windows version of the program.
  2. I clicked on the download to install.
  3. I opened my company data file
  4. I clicked on reports
  5. I clicked on Profit and Loss.
  6. I get the error stated above. The error says the website is under maintenance or has a programming error. It is weird. Data from company is on my computer. How can 3 companies work and one not?

I have three other companies and they are working fine. Just one company of the three I have are getting this error

I just did a fresh install of the program on a computer that never had the program and then i restored my data back to it. I still get the error. I have no idea how to figure out was is corrupt or missing.

Thank you for the extra information. It helps a lot. The symptoms point to a corrupted data file for the business that has this problem, not any problem with the program or your installation procedure. There are a couple of things you can try. Do them in order, proceeding to the second option only if first doesn’t work:

  1. Delete the profit and loss statement that gives you trouble. This will not affect any data, as report definitions do not contain data. They only record parameters of the report. Create a new P&L report and see if the problem persists.

  2. If you have a backup of that business from before you saw this problem, import it. If you have more than one, import the most recent backup. Leave the date as part of the name so you can distinguish it from your regular version of that business. See if the problem exists there. If it does, keep going backwards to any older backups you have until you find a good one. Then start examining the transactions between the one that works and the first one that doesn’t. Delete them one at a time until you find the one that caused the problem. If you find a version that works, rebuild your records. (Note: leave the most recent version untouched during this. It seems to work as long as you don’t try to view a P&L.) If you can identify what causes the problem, you may be able to go directly back to your current version and perform the same fix.

When you are done, you can remove all the extra backups you installed. If you want to clean up your application data folder afterwards, see this Guide: Manager Cloud.

I can not delete any profit and loss reports because as soon as I hit the Profit and Loss button, the error message comes up.

I have never had any error messages with the profit and loss report before. I dont have a real current back up so I will have to wit to see if somehow we can figure something out with the data

I misunderstood. You initially mentioned looking at the report. I thought you meant View. Rereading your step by step, I see the problem came before you got that far. It still seems like a corrupted file. @lubos will have to render his opinion.

No Problem. I am sure you guys will figure it out some day. I am using your program to keep track of payments for my wife’s convention - registrations, dinner tickets, lunch tickets and other events they run

@Martinbowls could you try the latest version (18.7.46)? Could be fixed now.

I downloaded the latest version and it is fixed.

Thanks for your quick work.