Production Orders not working

I can’t get a new “Production Order” to work in Manager 16.8.75 that I recently installed!!

Been using Manager since fall 2014 (don’t even know which version) and it’s been awesome (with some limitations I’ve been happy to live with). Love it overall!! I use Inventory Items and Production Orders routinely in running my small business. It’s all been working great… until now! I just got a new computer (Win10), and installed the latest/greatest version of Manager. Most things seem to work. But I just tried to create a new Production Order, and it doesn’t seem to be able to find my inventory items!! The pull-down menus for “Inventory Item” (in both the “Finished Item” and “Bill of Materials” sections) fail to populate with my inventory items. When I click on the pull-down menu I expect to see a list of my inventory items, but instead the “spinning” icon comes up and just keeps spinning. This is true if I start typing a known item code too. Any idea what could be going on here???

Try updating to latest edition 16.9.16 and see if that resolves the problem

Wow, that was quick! And yup, just installed 16.9.16 per your suggestion. Tried. Same same. Any other ideas??

Your post suggests you might have been using quite an old version. There have been many changes over the past few months in how inventory items in general work, including naming, item codes, and other things. These could well be causing your problem, depending on exactly how you were using it before.

I recommend searching the forum on related phrases, especially paying attention to release notes. I believe you will find information that may help point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, many users were using inventory items in ways that were not really intended, and as the application has progressed, their particular usage got left behind.

Thanks Tut! Your suggestions were just enough to remind me of something I noticed when I first upgraded… The new versions of Manager have both “Item Code” and “Item Name” for each inventory item, whereas my old version only had one field (“Item” maybe?). So my backups imported with only the “Item Code” populated, and all the “Item Name” fields blank. Seems that’s what was causing the hang-up. I just populated all the “Item Name” fields, and now New Production Orders work fine.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction there! :slight_smile:

It seems like autocomplete function wasn’t picking up item codes. Only item names which if they’ve been empty in your file, then autocomplete wouldn’t show anything.

It’s now fixed in the latest version (16.9.19)

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OK, so, this was my first experience with any sort of problem with Manager, and I’m completely blown away by the incredible responsiveness here. Y’all rock! #BigFan!

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