Production order form, not coming out right

I have just updated to the new version and the production form is not coming out right. Apparently, my inventory cost on hand, cost of goods sold and inventory right offs has gone up. Anything the matter?

Do you have any production orders with insufficent quantity?

@lubos yes i do have one, just noticed . However, most of the forms layout are distorted. eg production order forms, invoice forms. etc. please check them out.

What do you mean by “most of the forms layout are distorted” - it is impossible for any forum user to help with just this statement of the problem

@Joe91 When I say distorted this what I mean. Honestly sometimes one doesn’t need to write an essay for you to understand. This is a desk top version 20.7.55. Just updated. This is happening to invoices, quotes, statements, production orders, etc. @lubos, please check them.

@Mule1 you don’t need to write an essay but it’s important to be able to demonstrate the issue so we know what to look for. Saying that, I’m not able to reproduce your issue. Can you create a test business and see if it’s happening across all your businesses or just this one?

Are using a custom theme(s)?

Are you using custom fields?

@Joe91, No am not this a plain theme. @lubos, I have also tested with a new business. Still the same problem.

@Joe91 I also don’t have custom fields

So why is your production order showing

  • Note 1 & 2
  • Prepared by signatory line
  • Reviewed by Name, Signature line , Date line

My understanding is these do not occur with the standard theme and no custom fields.
Are you sure you are not using a custom theme which is causing the total not to align with the Amount column?

@Patch. Actually, you are right, what came to mind when he mentioned custom fields was ‘custom columns’ if ever there is such a thing. I do have custom fields. Thanks for the correction. And when it comes to the theme part, I meant i was on plain theme. Typing error.

Show the full edit screen for the Sales Quote, please

It looks normal

Now show the rest of the edit screen for the Sales Quote

@Joe91, sorry I don’t understand what you mean by the rest of sales quote. Is there any more to show?

No, that’s fine - your first image did not show the contents of the Note field

Can you show the edit screen for the Sales Quote custom field Note?

Not able to reproduce this on Windows 10 - Manager desktop V20.7.55


This is strange, I can’t seem to see wants wrong.

@Mule1, since you only have one custom field, but two text sections and four lines for signatures, name, and date, please post screen shots of all content of that custom field. You will need to capture it in sections by scrolling down. I am looking to see how you implemented this in HTML.

Also, what happens if you delete the content of the custom field?