Question about production orders and inventory backorders

I face one problem in Software. We are in manufacturing business of Electronics Items. We create production order through manager by using the inventory items. But our problem are in Remaining Inventory Items which are used to make a Product… its shows “ZERO” items as Qty in Hand.(Which we have not enough in stock… then also we generate the production order…the produced Items Qty is increase in stock… But by the using of the components…some of are not sufficient in Qty… It shows ZERO items as QTY in Hand… )
But it dose not display the “Back order”… Back Order are null(-)…
(As per me, it must shows the Back Order qty…)
This is our main problem… how to solve?
Please PROVIDE solution on this… Thanks in Advance.

I think you need to update your version of Manager as this was a temporary bug. Using 16.9.61 gives you this result for the following production order

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