Production orders list cannot be seen

When clicking on the Production Order tab, the production order list is blank even though there are orders in the system. From my testing, it looks like if either “Finished Item”, “Bill of Materials” or “Add non -inventory cost into production” options are not selected/filled-out, the production orders are not shown on the list. Is there any way i can see the existing production orders and/or make changes to them so i can view them on the list? Thank you in advance

I cannot imagine why you have over 2300 production orders with all three of those parameters blank and no other transactions of any kind. You have entered 2309 completely pointless transactions, which is why they do not show; there is nothing to show, even though the program knows you entered them.

But, if you want to see them, use Batch Update. Copy to the clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet. You will see that most fields for all these production orders are blank. Change the variable AddNonInventoryCostIntoProduction to TRUE for every production order. Copy the spreadsheet and paste it back into the Batch Update window. Complete the Batch Update process and all the productions orders should show. Now you will be able to edit or delete them.

Make sure you understand the procedures in this Guide before starting:

@lubos this behavior should be treated as a bug because

  1. the user should not have been able to create a completely blank production order in the first place.
  2. it is acceptable in some business to enter partial information in production orders and later edit them to include the missing details.
  3. if Manager allows creating completely blank production orders, then it should be listed so that the user can edit or delete it. at present the only way to delete this transaction is from History. and since there might be hundreds of other valid production orders listed, the user may never know there are blank production orders.

not related to the topic, i have noticed that the production orders are listed by date->finished item->reference but the correct sequence should be date->reference->finished item. this is needed when there are more than one production orders on the same day. @lubos please fix this.

@sharpdrivetek, as to your point #2, if you fill in anything, the production order shows. The question is why anyone would enter a completely blank order, let alone 2309 of them.

i had not tested the second scenario personally. i just followed up the statement made by @Arthur_Szilagyi

never underestimate human stupidity. it is natural to make mistakes. the software, especially an accounting software, should be able to point out the mistake rather than let it go unnoticed.

I will reserve judgement until learning how there came to be 2309 useless production orders in a business with no other transactions whatsoever and the Inventory Items tab not enabled.

Hi Tut,

Thank you for your advice, I was able to get all the data back successfully. The way Production Orders is currently working is totally fine and it is working well. I was using it for something completely different (not what it is meant for and i used custom fields for my data). Apologise if I’ve caused any confusion.

I was able to create a Production Order that is “visible” to access the “Batch update” option, and then I followed your instructions. Thanks again Tut, Really appreciate it!