Production Orders & Inventory Quantity Movement

When I create a production order that moves bill of materials to a finished item, the Inventory Quantity Movement report does not show the reduction in the bill of materials inventory items, only in the finished item when it is sold.

Am I doing something wrong? Please see the attached screen shots.

The issue here is that Inventory Quantity Movement report is older than production module. This means report will lump up all purchases and manufacturing transactions together and report under Purchases column.

I will probably need to add two more columns:

  • Produced
  • Used

What I’m concerned is that the report will have 7 columns and that might still not be enough because someone will ask for “Returns” to be separated from Sales and Purchases columns. Now we have 9 columns and so on. But perhaps that’s the way to go?

I suppose the report could be in landscape instead of portrait, or you could have the option choose to hide or view certain fields on the report.