Inventory Quantity Movement Report

I attach the inventory value movement and inventory quantity movement report in our monthly reports
which are balance sheet, profit-loss statement, performance overview, etc.

I noticed the inventory quantity movement report doesn’t include the items which have no purchases or sales in the specified period. As supposed to inventory value movement, it shows all inventory items regardless they have any purchases or sales.

Can the inventory quantity movement report to show all items as well?

I hope the archive feature (when it’s implemented) could “remove” inventory items that no longer exist in these reports.

I think that makes sense to make both reports consistent. So this change has been made in the latest version (14.10.6).

By the way, archiving feature will have no impact on these reports. These reports are already hiding all inventory items that have no opening balance and no movements.

Archiving feature will be mostly for data-entry purposes so you don’t see items in drop-down menus that are obsolete.