Merge - inventory value movement and quantity movement

I am using Manager and facing some issue after taken the Inventory Value Movement Report, here “Production Orders” and “Cost of sales” should be equal after sold this item fully and closing balance to be nil, but here both are different in some items, but closing balance showing nil, Please see below 3 items

AOPEN DE5100i Ci7-2640m FS - - 4,745.18 − 3,825.18 - -
ASROCK H61MV-ITX Ci3-3220 FS - - 4,309.38 − 3,969.38 - -
ASUS H97M-E Ci7-4790 8GB FS - - 13,635.90 − 11,165.90 - -

All other items similar types are OK. I don’t know where is the problem. Because of these totals are not tally Please see below, means closing balance showing nil in each item mentioned above and also in total shown below.

170,314.39 91,539.86 0.00 − 83,199.10 0.00 174,925.15

No one can help you figure out the problem you think you have based on transcribed values from a report. In general, there is no direct correlation between production order value and cost of sales. Both depend on average cost of the inventory items involved at the time the transactions are entered. In the case of production orders, the inventory items involved are the input items and non-inventory costs used to produce the output items. Any intervening purchases and sales will also affect average cost. So production cost contributing to average cost of an inventory item may not be the same as its average cost when sold. Thus, your ability to accurately say that production orders and cost of sales should be equal is questionable.

The fact that “All other items similar types are OK” on the report indicates something was different about the three items in question. You need to search for how they are different from others.

Thanks for the reply, what you are telling is correct but these 3 items created one time (single production order for each item, totally 3 production orders) and sold after. All other items are with many production orders for one item showing same value for both side final closing balance is nil.

As I said, no one can help you based on numbers from a report. The only way to sort this out is to examine every transaction ever entered involving the inventory items. So choose one of the items and post screen shots of the production order and the sales invoice. Show the edit screens, not the finished documents. You can obscure proprietary information.

Please find the attached edit screen shot for production order and invoice.


I apologize for not including these in my first request:

  1. Can you also show the drill-down report on the Inventory - cost account on the Summary page? Show the portion that includes the sales invoice you showed.

  2. Show a drill-down report on the Inventory on hand account for the ASROCK H61MV-ITX Ci3-3220 FS item. Include at least the portion that shows the production order illustrated.

  3. It’s worth asking whether the date range on your Inventory Value Movement report includes all relevant transactions.

Thanks, Please find the attached _Inventory - cost account on the summary page. Inventory on hand account is not showing here because of no stock, but here I attached Qty on hand & Qty Owned report screen shots.

Your last two screen shots are the same thing. But that doesn’t matter, because neither quantity on hand nor quantity owned is what I was interested in seeing. I was interested in the value history of the item, not the quantity history.

It isn’t going to work for me to try to troubleshoot your records remotely. As I said earlier, you’re going to have to look back through every transaction involving these items to find the discrepancy. I see this sales invoice is about three years old, so the problem has been buried in your records for that long. Look for other things back then that didn’t make sense. That might help you find the problem.

The fact that all but three items in your inventory are correct strongly suggests entry errors somewhere. It really should not be that hard to find, given that you say you produced the item once and sold all of it.