Production is not displayed in Inventory Q'ty Summary

We are a production unit.

I have chosen report for Inventory Quantity Summary of a finished item of inventory (namely PVC - LION brand) for the period 01/06/2010 to 30/06/2020. Randomly I checked the result for Inventory Item of finished good, it is noted that production is not shown (taken into account) for the chosen period

Although, I can see that we have production orders for that item. It need to mention here that the item in question has remark of insufficient q’ty of bills of material

I want to know is it a bug or is the report excluded due to insufficient q’ty of bills of material for the finished good in question. But, in my opinion, that should not stop the it to be shown in Inventory Quantity Summary in production order

Feedback will be appreciated.

You need to read the Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager. Your production orders will show when they are complete, after all insufficiencies are cured. From an accounting viewpoint, you have been selling items you produced from materials you did not yet own.

This change was made about 10 days ago. Previously, these insufficiencies could be hidden by other transactions, resulting in inaccurate costing and profit calculations.