Production Order COGS

I raised a Sales Invoice on 2nd of Feb however the Inventory wasn’t enough and I did a production order on the 16th, to fullfill the invoice that I had it’s automatically allocated from the production order however I just realised that it fullfilled it with 0 COGS for some reason ? Any idea ?

How did you determine CoGS is zero?

What tab is the screenshot of? Its very hard to read the detail.
It would appear that the COGS movement occurred when you did the Invoice on Feb 2 - red figure
The Invoice entry on the 16th is just adjusting the quantities as the values had already been adjusted.
To test this you could delete the Invoice of Feb 2 and this should delete the Invoice of Feb 16.
Note the current balances before doing this, then re-enter the Invoice as Feb 17 and check the balances.

As per my mark, it’s 0.

I see. I was confused myself because I wasn’t sure what screen you are looking at but yeah. This is bug. I will look into this.

Is it possible in the production order you showing the materials that been used for the production.

I think it does show already. Upgrade to the latest version, it could fix this bug too.

Hi Lubos, it still showing 0. I’m using macbook.

I’m able to see what’s causing this bug but it’s not something I can fix right away. Give me a few days, I will update this topic when fixed.

Hi @lubos, Will this matter will be solved within this week or it won’t ? I need to send the financial report to the management.

Thank youu…

@rully_p, if lubos can’t resolve this issue in time for your reports you could try the Test as discussed above. This should resolve the issue as the date sequencing of the transactions will be in the right order to avoid having any inventory shortage.

Test: Note the current balances before doing this
Delete the Sales Invoice of Feb 2 to avoid having an inventory shortage.
This should also delete the system generated quantity adjusting Invoice of Feb 16.
Re-enter the Sales Invoice as Feb 17 - after the production order and check the balances.

Dear @Brucanna, it’s too much hassle, since a lot of transaction need to adjust if I’m doing it.


@rully_p, it should be fixed this week.

@rully_p, you can upgrade to the latest version (16.5.2). It should be fixed now.

By the way, what are those journal entries manually adjusting your inventory on hand? If these journal entries represent your workaround to deal with this bug, you should delete those journal entries now.

Thx @lubos, I’ll try it. The manually adjusting my inventory on hand was due to Oil can be increasing or decreasing depends on the logistic and temperature and condition.