Production Order in Suspense blank, but can’t delete

I noticed while scrolling through my production orders that one has “Suspense” in the Finished item column:

It has no reference number, even though the Reference box is checked on the Edit screen, and it is marked as completed.

If I click on Edit for that particular production order, there is very little information in the form, and no Delete button:

I tried manually entering a reference, selecting some inventory items and quantities for the finished item and bill of materials, updating it, and then editing it again, but still there is no delete button, although it is no longer marked as “Suspense” for the finished item.

Any suggestions for how I can fix or delete this production order?

I am using the Cloud version, currently 22.7.14.

Have you tried using Batch Delete? If that doesn’t work, does this show up if you start a Batch Update for the Production Orders tab and paste into a spreadsheet? You might be able to determine if something is missing.

I had a similar problem once, though not with productions orders. The problem turned out to be something that had been made inactive.

I’ve just been back to my production orders to try using Batch Delete (thanks @Tut for the suggestion), but the problematic one seems to have disappeared. I’m guessing that either the program updates since yesterday have fixed it, or it was somehow connected to other transactions that we have made since then.

Well, @lubos is the one who put this topic into bugs. So it obviously captured his attention.

Fixed in the latest version (22.7.15)

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