Post Upgrade problems

I have just upgraded form V20.2.27 to V20.7.85 and have several problems with my accounts.
I am on Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 32-Bit.

Downloaded and installed fine.
When I click on the shortcut to land on the add business page to select my business I am faced with a double-up of businesses e.g. under businesses I get “My Business” then also “My Business (2)” Also both data sizes for the businesses are different.

Business opens fine but my figures have all changed including all my old P&L Reports.

In Inventory Items I have a Line at the top “Based on entered production orders, at least one inventory Item needs to have production stage elevated
After reading this topic Production order - production stage elevated and this guide I clicked on the warning line then completed the Batch operation to change the production stage. This then cleared the Production Order issue.

On my Summery page I have an amount under Liabilities > Tax Payable when I shouldn’t have any Liabilities. I am not Tax registered but I have been using a custom Tax Code, suggested by Lubos back in 2014, to create a custom Tax Code named VAT 20% FRT custom > single rate > 20%, Ticked the box Flat Rate with 0% applied.

The reason I do this as all my supplier price lists are vat exclusive and I wished my price list to be the same, when I purchase an item I just apply the tax code which increases the cost by 20%.
Please see my custom Tax Code.

I think the Tax Code should be increasing my Inventory Items cost price and not reducing the Tax Payable account?

Any help would be appreciated with the duplication of businesses and Tax Code issue.

Some things are not clear from your post:

Are the doubles duplicates when opened? And do they collapse to the same size when the file size is clicked? See

I suspect this the result of conversion to plain-language file names in the application data folder. Revisit this Guide (much simplified since the change) to see whether some can be deleted: Make backups first!

What happened to the P&L statements you said were incorrect? Did they change? The reason production stages and insufficient quantities on production orders were implemented is because costs of finished goods could be distorted in the Inventory on hand account. This, in turn, caused transfers to the Inventory - cost account upon sale of the items to be distorted. When all inventory involved was eventually sold, these differences would work themselves out by other such transfers being off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, however, financial reports for interim periods could be distorted. (Note, I don’t say wrong, because we are only dealing with temporal displacements of cost figures.) But, if such distortions are now removed, those displacements will vanish and results could be changed. These effects would be most noticeable for inventory items with slow turnover.

Did you have any production orders with insufficient quantities after your update? See Is there a balance in the automatic account Production in progress?

I understand what you were trying to do with this. The 20% VAT will be added to sales you make. But the 0% flat rate scheme means that tax on purchases will not offset in your tax liability account. All that figure tells the program, however, is how much of your VAT you can recover (meaning claim in offset). It does not add anything to the cost of inventory purchased that goes into Inventory on hand. To do that, you must include VAT in purchases in the unit price. Read the section on flat rate schemes near the end of this Guide:

Thanks for your reply @Tut

When you open the larger business I.T. MOTORCYCLES 13MB (my original Business name) (no file size collapse) the data seems to stop at 31/5/17, its as though it is a backup.
The copy, I believe, I.T. MOTORCYCLES (2) 5MB (was 7MB before file size collapse) when clicked on seems to be up to date data.

I keep lots of backup’s and also a copy of the new version download.
I have installed the previous version (V20.2.27) and added my business backup I made before upgrading on my partners laptop running windows 10. I now have my correct data back and can view/compare both laptop’s back to back.

No, I think the problem lies with the custom tax code not adding 20% onto the inventory item cost.

No, nothing under Production in progress, the status is completed for all Production Orders.
I use Production orders to add inventory items (e.g. Oil filter, Oil etc) to another Item (Motorcycle) have in stock but leave the Motorcycle (finished item) quantity 0.
I have all items for the finished good in stock before production order is created.

I do not apply the custom Tax Code to any sales I make, only apply to purchases to make my suppliers (sales Invoice) and my (purchase Invoices) match.

When I first started using manager (2014) and described how I wished to have my Unit price the same as my supplier Unit price (VAT exclusive) i’m sure someone recommended I use a custom Tax Code Single rate 20% with a Flat rate effective 0%, this has been working perfectly since then up until I updated to V20.7.85

The definition of the custom tax code is exactly the same in both old and new version, but in the new version, 20% has been removed from all Inventory Items purchase price that I have purchaced since the start and now have a large negative Tax Payable Liability.

Is this now not supported? I would really appreciate it if @lubos you could look into this and also the duplications.

If tax code flat rate is set to 0%. It should generate no tax payable (or receivable).

@itmoto check the latest version (20.7.87) where it’s fixed.

Tax code all fixed now thank you.