Production order date issue

I’m facing some issues with production order date.
This screen shot shows the Production order date (for some) shows 8/28/2018

when i click on the view, it shows date as 12/30/2017

This issue arouse after the production stage implementation.

This issue creating trouble in Quantities, shown as “insufficient Qty”, as the next level process considers date 8/28/2018, but the actual date is 12/30/2017.

version 20.8.23

Appreciate help on this.


Insufficient quantities occur when you do not own enough of an inventory item to complete a production order. So the production order is held in abeyance until the purchasing deficit is corrected. That’s the date you see for the transaction when drilling down in Qty on hand. See the Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager.

Thanks for your reply.
I completely agree, there were some mistakes happened while feeding 3 years of data in to manager.

Jus now found that, This date confusion happens only when a production order is being cloned.

I jus deleted the cloned production orders and created new production orders, with the same production date. Works fine. But not with cloned order.

Bit curious to know how manager considers a “cloned” production order vs “new” production order