Miscalculation of average cost

hi tut,
in continuation to the discussion Miscalculation of average cost
i was recreating all the production was helping with the earlier item, but now i’m stuck.

when i create the production order 1st time, while stocks are positive, “average cost” is always correct.
if i created any production order while raw materials stock had gone negative, even after i fulfill the raw material with purchase orders (tried back dating also), the “average cost” going unimaginable values.

some time restarting the app helps to refresh data, since i thought data sync might take a while.
but now its not happening even after 10 times of restarting the app.

by any chance is there any chance of “data sync” or “refreshing” problem in my case?

your help highly appreciated.

another strange this happened just now.
while i did creating new PO for the negative stock items,
“average cost” changed without any proportionate. refer the attached image, note the quantities. note the average cost of line number 1 and line number 4.

Note: in this case, i created PO for 2 of the raw materials used, average cost the raw material remains same per unit.

No matter which edition of Manager you use (desktop, server, or cloud), the database is updated the instant you click Create or Update.

As I told you before, purchase orders have no financial impact. So they will not “fulfill the raw material.” To increase inventory, you must use purchase invoices or payments.

Beyond this, it is not possible to tell whether you have any problem or not, because you have not shown the complete purchase and production history of the items involved. Average cost is calculated based on every purchase invoice, payment, or production order you have ever entered for a particular inventory item. It can change frequently. Based on what you presented in your first post, the average costs look correct. But it is impossible to diagnose problems because you are obviously editing things or entering transactions between posts (such as the “try 1” additions to inventory item names).

You have constructed a three-tier dependency in which you say some or all quantities were negative. But you cannot be showing all the relevant data, because all your inventory quantities are positive. So you are going to have to spell out exactly what steps you are taking, what the result is, and why you think it is wrong. This is what I told you in response to another post. For example, in your last post, you pointed out the average costs of line numbers 1 and 4. But you did not say whether they were right or wrong or, if wrong, what you think they should be. So it is just impossible to help at this point.