Product Code Field Missing from Purchase Order

More on the Inventory Module workflow.

I have just sent a purchase order to one of my suppliers and asked him to quote me for whats on there. As I don’t normally send purchase orders to my suppliers other than for authorising the order, I did not notice until now that the purchase order does not show the product code field.

So I have had to send in the email the part codes for the products as some of the products are very similar in name and the simplest way to ensure that my supplier knows exactly what I want is to include the part codes. This really should be included on the purchase order so that suppliers can see the part codes and despatch the correct products.

I decided to create a new post to highlight this point as my other post regarding inventory work flow is getting a bit long and is covering a number of different points.

I also think that you need to get feedback from other users on how they want the inventory module to work as I was finding tonight that the lack of a inventory subcategory like computers or laptops meant it was difficult to filter the view in inventory properly as typing computer brings up any inventory item with the word computer which may not necessarily be a computer item etc. I understand that you need to make the product as universal as possible, but I still feel that the inventory module needs more fields built into the program and allowing the end user to filter by category and then by keyword.

As I said, I would suggest getting feedback from other users who use the inventory because I am sure most people would agree that the inventory needs to categorisation in both inventory tab as well as being able to categorise by drop down in quotes and invoices etc. Anyway thats just my thoughts on the issue.

What I might do when I have more time is email you with a typical workflow so that you can see how the current design of inventory is making it difficult to do the job of using the inventory to carry out normal day to day business.