Problems downloading desktop version Windows 10

I am trying to download the desktop version of manager io on the following computer system

Lenovo Yoga 920
Intel Core I7-8550U
64 bit, Windows 10 (home edition) version 1903
Browser - Microsoft Edge

The download goes through the complete sequence - Run, install etc and gets to the last screen where you click “finish”
When I click finish this message pops up


Can anyone help
Thank You

Are you sure you downloaded the desktop edition and not the server edition? From here:

This must be something to do with directory permissions. Can you right-click on Manager icon and select Run as Administrator ? Does it work then?

Just tried downloading from link. same problem exists
Tried " Run as Administrator" no change
I did have manager running on another PC with Windows 10 and had no problems, maybe an update issue?

What directory are you installing Manager in?
Run from a command prompt may help, see

Problem solved (I think). apparently the installation was looking for an old data file that was on an external hard drive. The issue with that is the drive no longer exists.
So uninstalled Manager, searched for any data files that may of exists (none found)
Disconnected laptop from hub (thus excluding any external drives)
Downloded from site – all good

thanks everyone for your time and advice