GST Calculation Worksheet and Tax Summaries mixed

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or simply just a matter of how things work now but when I upgraded to a version where the GST Calculations were no longer a part of the package and were downloaded separately, prior to downloading and installing the calculations the GST Calculation Sheets that I had already prepared did not appear anywhere that I could find.

I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t think the BAS sheets that I had saved appeared anywhere within manager, even under Tax Summaries.

After importing the GST Calculation Worksheet localisation there is a new area under reports that has the reports (as expected), but those same reports exist under Tax Summaries (in somewhat of a raw “Tax Summary” view). And the Tax summaries that I had already created now also appear in the GST Calculation Worksheet area.

I realise/suspect the worksheet is calculated from the summaries, but should reports generated under one appear under the other?

I actually have a use case for using the summaries and now both areas are populated by the other areas reports.

this is the same list that appears in both areas. Putting asterisks in front of the BAS entries and otherwise naming them to be different keep them separated if I sort by description, but just curious they are in the same area. That is all

Localisations are a local way of presenting an existing reports data. So “GST calculation worksheet” is the same report as “Tax summary” with local formatting.

As implemented in Manager the saved reports (names & ranges) are also in common. Which then become an easy way to see the input data to the localisations.

I did figure it would be something like that.

It would be nice to be able to generate multiple reports at the same time then, say for 2019/20 Q1 for tax summary, P&L, balance sheet, etc.

Oh, but this is a bug: when cloning an existing report, upon clicking create it drops back to the main screen. Happens in Tax Summaries, but not in balance sheets. Haven’t tested all of them