Problem with the "Key" Field

For further processing I am to export manager data into spreadsheet.
My export procedure-

Customers > Batch Update > Download the .tsv file

Normally, the key field is the right-most field in the .tsv file.
But, there is a problem with some customers. Instead of one row, some (many) customers have two/three rows of data.

The right-most fields are Custom Field & Key Field

1. When data spits into two rows-
Custom Field Value goes into “C” cell & Key value goes into “D” cell in the second row.

2. When data splits into three rows
Custom Field Value goes into “C” cell in the the second row
& Key Value goes into “B” cell in the third row

Now, I have to update my 2000+ customers data. Actually I am assigning different “Control Account” to customers.
I am afraid, these extra rows will cause problem when updating.
Another thing I noticed, If I assign a control account to a customers, in the .tsv file, it shows some values like the “Key” field value instead of showing the control account name as text.

Is this correct? As far as I know, line breaks within individual cells shouldn’t affect how rows are organized. You just need to make sure line breaks within cells are correctly escaped.

I just tried this in the latest version and can’t reproduce any problem. I can update “multi-line” customers just fine.

I just noticed,
the problem I mentioned is no longer exists in version 17.5.18.

It’s more simple then ever.
No exporting, just copy & paste. AWESOME.

Thank You, lubos.