Exported customers and suppliers don't have address

Just started using Manager and found that when I try to export customers and suppliers from a test Manager file, the export does not include the Business Identifier, Billing address, Mobile, Fax and others.

I have found that I can manually add the address using a heading called Address (for Suppliers), BillingAddress (for Customers), however, it doesn’t like having the address over different lines.

I have a lot of customers and suppliers that I would like to transfer from my old system, and hoping that I will not have to manually edit the data multiple times.

Also, the some of the headings in the exported .tsv does not match the required header for import.
eg. Exported email header is Email Address that needs to be changed to Email.

I’ve updated to Manager 16.3.48.

Instead of exporting/importing from your test Manager, it could be simpler to create a new business.

  1. Do a backup of your Manager test business.
  2. Rename your Manager test business - if required (click rename next to existing business name)
  3. Go to Manager opening page and click “Add a Business” - “Import Backup”
  4. This should give you a duplicate of the Manager test business, now just delete all test transactions.
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I fixed the multiline issue


As for exporting, there are actually two ways to export data. There is an export button which will simply export columns as they are shown on the screen. And then there is Batch update button which will allow you to save data with all fields.

Thanks Lubos.

With the Batch update, do you need to import the Key column?

If you are updating existing records then yes, Key column is needed because that’s how Manager knows which records you are updating.