Customer batch update errors

Facing difficulty to update 1200+ customer’s unique information which has been exported to excel format from TSV. All data collapses to second and third row including the key itself. It is making a huge mess and is almost impossible to correct one by one. As 1200+ data are now showing in 3503 rows - which is ridiculous.

This never happened to me before - anybody else facing the same problem?

Well, first, you didn’t export “from TSV.” You exported from Manager in *.tsv format. Then you imported the *.tsv file to Excel, or opened the file with Excel. Depending on your version of Office, you had a bunch of options, which may have changed since the last time you did this.

Second, “all data” did not collapse to second and third row. Some data wrapped due to the way Excel interpreted the file, probably based on the options you picked.

This is an Excel issue, not a Manager issue.

I exported the data from Manager to .tsv format and then extracted to .xlxs format in order to bulk edit. The issue is that data i.e. the key is collapsing under header Telephone. I tried copy>paste method, used .tsv extractors, and text conversion using tab headers in excel as well. All programs are representing as above attachment.

Likewise I extracted 5300+ Sales Invoices using all the methods and haven’t faced such problem as customer data bulk update.

Data wrapped because of space issues which I intentionally had to manipulate so that everything fits in while I take the screenshot.

I hope I am clear this time. Trust me, it’s definitely a bug in Manager and has nothing to do with excel options.

I think a user out there also posted similar issue which were marked as bug later. Here’s the link: Employee batch update bug