Employee batch update bug

When I save the tsv file for a batch employee update, the last few fields of each record (row) are dropped into a second and third row. The headers are exported correctly, however the data is copied into new rows. I have attached a copy of the export file (sorry, its the best I could do to get it into png format). Notice that we have 12 custom fields. The data from the last two custom fields are dropped into the second row, while the key is dropped into a third row. This can be seen in the attached file.

This is not such a big problem if you only have a few employees. However, we have 250 employees so updating can be a major headache.

Thanks for the great work.

Are you certain this wrapping is actually real? Of course, you cannot “view” a TSV file, since it is electronic. You are viewing a representation of the file in some application, which may be influenced by page width, automatic tab locations, etc.

Have you actually imported the TSV file to a spreadsheet and made sure column widths are adequate to display all contents? Or are you showing an image of a text or word processing file?

I opened the tsv file first in Excel, and then replicated the export at home and opened the tsv in LibreOffice Calc. The same result both times. The above png file was created from Calc…it was the best I could do. So yes, the wrapping is real. For some reason, tabs and line feeds are being added between the last few fields so that the contents are shifted.

Thanks for the details. I agree something seems amiss and will elevate this as a bug.

It seems like new lines haven’t been properly escaped for multi-line custom fields.

The latest version (17.4.90) fixes this issue.

Well done! Thanks team.