Problem with Sales Invoices Automatic Generation

Iam trying to change the old invoices numbering but it is still generating the old number, I have used a new sequesnce for more than once invoice and tried the automatic generation the same old numbering will continue.

could you please kindly helpe me in this issue

I tryied to follow the other similar topics solution but I couldn’t

Iam using now Manager 17.3.20

Manager will find the highest numbered sales invoice and add 1. It ignores punctuation marks and letters. It does not interpret fancy numerical schemes as dates. And nothing will change the number of an existing invoice unless you edit it. The auto-numbering applies to new sales invoices. Your screen shot looks like numbers 91-97 were entered back in early February. They are probably showing at the top of the list because they are not paid yet.

@Tut thanks for your help ans support