Problem with "Batch Create"

When I import a file that contains customer names and opening balances for them, the balances appear negative, How do I solve that problem?

You have not provided enough information to answer your question. Import from where? Import to where? Describe exactly what you are doing, step by step. Illustrate your situation with screen shots.


i created new business and i wanted to import the names of clients and their opening balances from the Excel file, so the balances appeared negative

You cannot import starting balances that way, because the customer form does not include a starting balance field. Starting balances for customers must be entered as described in this Guide:

I followed the method in the guide, and the problem still exists, the balances appear negative and if i try to enter it negative, the customer’s balance appears in the account the number “zero”

@Ahmed_Hammam, you have not said where the balances appear negative. I assume you mean in the accounts receivable column for the customer under the Customers tab or in a drill-down on the Accounts receivable account in the Summary.

You seem to be referring to amounts entered in the Available credit field for a customer, which you see after clicking Edit for that customer while setting starting balances for Accounts receivable. The reason the number you enter there shows as negative is because it is a credit, meaning you owe the customer money that is not associated with any sales invoice or other transaction. This is explained in the Guide I linked to above. Since Accounts receivable is a debit account, credits move its balance in the negative direction. Negative numbers are ignored because those would not be credits, but debits.

When a customer owes you money, that must be associated with a sales invoice. You must enter those as unpaid invoices that predate the start date. Again, this is explained in the Guide.

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