Customer starting balance issue

Hi there, I’m migrating a business into Manager, one of the clients had an outstanding balance, so I entered a negative starting balance in the ‘customer’ tab as shown below

Then I proceed with invoicing and receipt as per usual

The result is the same for automatic and manual invoice credit allocation

From here, I’m expecting a negative balance as (-100)+(-100)+(100)=(-100), but in the customer tab, the outstanding shows none

If I enter a positive starting balance, then all works fine

Not sure if this is intentional and I’ve done something wrong, or if this is actually a bug, please advice, thank you.

You need to set Customer Starting Balances as outlined here Set starting balances for customers | Manager

The important point, @Magnus_Cappadocian, is that the Available credit field is for credit balances only, as shown in the Guide @Joe91 linked. You don’t mention the nature of the customer’s “outstanding balance,” but presumably that implies the customer owes you money. Money owed to you represents a debit and must be entered by entering the prior sales invoices as described in the Guide.