Importing customers and Suppliers

Dear Sir, I want to start afresh my manager, want to import all selected data from previous manger, but I m facing problem as customers and suppliers are imported with debt, please help and guide me.

It is not quite clear what you mean - are you starting from the very start or are you staring from a fixed date?

If it is from a fixed date, then you will have to enter the start date and all unpaid customer or supplier invoices at this date.

Dear sir, I want all my existing balance to be the opening balancing for new file

Then you need to set a Start Date and enter Starting Balances - see the guide Enter starting balances which gives full details of the steps

Why are you doing this - if it is to start a new accounting year, then this is completely unnecessary as Manager is a perpetual accounting system and does not need closing the accounts - see this guide Close an accounting period | Manager

Thanks for guiding, infact there are some inventory items and other transactions like inventory locations etc, which I want to eliminate and want to have a fresh start.

further, if I explain eg I m using batch creat and tranfering suppliers to new business, it gives me negative liabilites, instead of payable

A negative balance in Accounts payable could be correct, depending on what you imported. It merely indicates that one or more suppliers owes you more money than you owe them. Drill down on the balance to see what makes up the figure.

Yes, sir I did that, In fact I owe them more, all I have to pay is shown as negative.

Then drill down and look at whatever is contributing to the balance for each supplier. Transactions or starting balances may have been entered incorrectly.