Problem with automatic numbering in merged transanctions

I have a issue regarding the automatic numbering in the merged system of receipts& payments.
When I manually add the number “1000” as an reference it goes under the entry “999”…

Also, is there any guide how to have different numbering on cash and bank payements/receipts?

I have a problem when sending the data to the company accountant ( I am in operations), from the bank which has different numbering system than the cash system which is manual.
Also in the import banking data the column “Reference” is now not working, which means that I can not import the bank’s custom reference numbering…

Please help!

I use version 18.9.6 desktop edition.

Your situation is not clear. Are you referring to the tab listing? By default, that is sorted in descending order of date. Transactions on the same date are sorted in descending order of reference. If you want the display sorted by reference, clicking on that heading. Click again to reverse the order. See

No. If you use automatic numbering, they will be in one sequence. If you want separate sequences, you must enter references manually.

Search the forum. This was addressed in another topic.

I have the sorting by date. The problem is that the “Reference” tab seems to have a text argument format so when I have two transaction of the same date with ref. numbers 999 and 1000 the sorting by date gives me:

trasns #1 Ref.999, date: 4.9.18
trasns #2 Ref.:1000, date: 4.9.18

You need to illustrate what you think is wrong with screen shots, not text, and say why you think it is wrong.