Inter bank account transfers and receipts or payment issue

I recently started with Manager. I’m busy reading all the guides and forum threads, but I can’t really find something that will solve the problem.

I have 5 bank accounts that are linked together in my bank account at the my bank. I replicate it in Manager and I open a cash account also.

I don’t have a problem with the receipt or payments that have choice, but here is the issue I have.

If you choose your reference to be automatic then the system don’t use to set of numbers, 1 for receipts and 1 for payments, no it just count from where you start numbering or it start from 1, it ignore the zero’s before the (1). How do you solve this?

Then here is another issue with the receipts or payment. Because I have 5 bank accounts and 1 cash account and I do inter bank transfers(no issue to do it), but receipts or payments keep numbering where it left off.

I can pull statements for each of the 5 bank accounts and I receive interest in all accounts and this bugger my whole accounting up, because the auto numbering make it a headache to solve it afterwords.

I suggest that for payments there have to be a code in front of the numbers and also for the receipts to have distinction between the two. I really don’t have the time to sit and manually correct every single entry so that when I get an accountant in that they charge me to solve an issue that can be corrected with a small programming function.

Also, because of the 5 accounts that I transfer money in between almost daily it is really a big headache if transactions that are receipt become all of a sudden a payment and visa versa, even with my customers and suppliers and every single transaction I have to go through to see if there is a issue to solve and that is only because of the receipts or payments that don’t distinguishes between numbering each entry they way you start it.


You don’t. If numbered automatically, receipts and payments are numbered in the same sequence. If you want separate sequences, number them manually. This behavior is consistent across the entire program. In every tab, there is one automatic sequence option. Anything else requires your intervention

Why do you think this ever happens? Can you provide an example? Payments from bank accounts result in credits, receipts result in debits.

If this occur again then I will put up the screenshot. I almost had a heart attach when my bank balance that are a savings account show up with -88 000.00 after I import my bank statement, I had to sit and do every wrongly allocated payment that was a receipt to the receipt and as I look now again it seems there is a issue because there is again a 10 000 plus difference between my bank account and Manager’s bank account.

After I investigated it I will take a screenshot and show it. Just not now, because I spend most of the time already reading and searching to solve other issues.

Blockquote If numbered automatically, receipts and payments are numbered in the same sequence.

Well, it can be coded alphanumeric and that will solve the numbering issue.

Here is 2 transaction that are at the wrong place, this one I entered manually and I choose receipts and when I look now it is laying under payments

This one is after bank import

Your first screen shot provides no useful information, @BillionDollars. Do you have a default setting of Payment under Form Defaults in Settings? Did you fail to select Receipt? No one can tell, because this looks like you have captured a portion of an ordinary payment entry form. You need to show an entry form properly completed for a receipt that produces a payment when created. Otherwise, nothing appears incorrect.

The same is true for your second screen shot. The only thing that looks wrong is you have not chosen an account to post the payment to.

In both cases, you need to provide some evidence of something being wrong.

Maybe you just don’t see it or just don’t understand it. I entered my own defaults in but Manager don’t work with alphanumeric. I can take photos of all the codes that I had to scratched out and written new ones. I entered CASH0319/0001 for Payments and cash0319/0001 for receipts, both for cash account, but what Manger produce was 03190001 and it started to run from there. It ignored my settings for the bank accounts that I entered as BANK0319/0001 and bank0319/0001 and for electronic transfers EFT0319/0001 and eft0319/0001. I had to change it and started with 0000001 and manually entered it to 0000015 and then I import my bank statement and Manager just flat ignore the ZERO’s in front and started number from 16.

As you can see in screenshot 1, I choose account receivable!! At the top Manager self decided to make it a payment!! Although I choose receipts!!!

The second screenshot I after I pull in the statement and Manager decided it was a payment again and it lays in the suspense account(I did not enter a bank rule or choose to allocate it on the edit yet).

Now, I think there is either a caching problem or something else that are the issue, because if I enter a default number at the default forms in settings for receipts or payments, Manager only remember the one I choose last, if it was receipts then all transactions that go into Manager is receipts and if I choose payments all are payments.

Like I said to manually fix all this is a headache and it is time consuming. I suggest that the payments and receipts get or split or program it alphanumeric.

I really don’t have the time to start a demo company and run a lot of transactions and play around with Manager to see how it is going to react, if you have the time to do it then do it and see what happen for yourself. I choose Manager because it was the only application I got that could run on Linux Mint and I need to run a business and get invoices out to my customers, so please if you with all due respect have time to play with Manager to see how it will react be my quest and do it.

I know quite well how Manager will perform. It’s automatic numbering ignores letters, punctuation symbols, and leading zeroes. With those rules in mind, it finds the highest existing number and adds 1.

As for Form Defaults, you can choose either Receipt or Payment, but not both. And you cannot enter alpha prefixes and expect the program to pick them up. If you want alphanumeric references, you must put them in yourself, just as I’ve told you before.

On the subject of spontaneous conversion from receipts to payments, no one else has complained of this. Believe me, if this was happening because of a bug in the program, the forum would be flooded with complaints. You must be doing, or not doing, something. Perhaps you are forgetting to update transactions after editing.

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If and that is a big if, I forgot to update then it will stay the same as what it was before I edit it, wouldn’t it?
As we speak, I’m busy deleting every single reference number again because for some reason Manager can’t count in numeric order, it have a will of its own. It shuffle the numbers around.
How do the algorithm works? According the dates or the numbers or the alphabetical entries? If I know that then I will fix the issues I get here.

I already answered this question.

If this is really happening, you need to provide screen shots illustrating it. I already told you that, too. Making general complaints without specific information will not help you get answers. And it certainly will not result in changes to the program. Bugs that can be replicated will get fixed.

See there is 2 x 100’s, the 99 is not under the 100’s but on top of it. I just deleted 2 pages numbers already or else I could share that 1, 14, 15, 20, 22, 21, 2, and so on was there on the first page and then it run right up to few skips and then here with these issues.

What I’m asking is not what you answered! I understand that Manager only use numbers as the reference, because I saw it and I have to correct it the way I want it or leave it the way Manager do it.

What I want to know is what column is Manager choosing to use, the date, the reference or description column? Because I keep on changing the 100’s to see which one is going to lead but unfortunately Manager don’t react the way I thought it will so that is why I my asking

Here is also proof of numbers that are not in sequence! So my question is what algorithm is Manager using so that I can solve the issues at hand?

@BillionDollars, most of what you describe and illustrate has nothing to do with assignment of automatic sequence numbers. Instead, you are seeing the results of display order rules. All automatic sequence numbering occurs the same way in all tabs, as I have described before and per the Guide:

Display order is different in different tabs. For example, sales invoices are sorted according to status, then by issue date. Receipts and payments are sorted by date, then reference. Transactions involving bank clearance dates can be affected by those. I do not know the primary and secondary sort parameters for all tabs. But it is entirely possible that multiple transactions on the same date will not display in the order of reference numbers. If you want to see the display for any tab in order of reference numbers, click on that column heading. Click again to reverse the order. (These changes only apply while viewing the page. They are not permanent.)

Thank you, that is better explaining of what is going on. Now I can sort out the mess in my accounts and keep it clear of errors.
If it occurs again that the receipts or payment get allocated wrong then I post a screenshot or else I will only pop in to see what is going on at the forum.