Problem opening app

When I open desktop on my windows a pop up appears asking if the app can make changes, this happens every time I open the app. Is this on purpose or a bug?

I am not a programmer but I strongly believe it got to do with the level of security settings on your system. Can you share a screenshot of the pop up?

This is what I am getting everytime I open Manager. Clicking yes will open the program and I can use it with no problem it’s just a bit odd that it should do this.

Search for Change User Account control Settings in search and let see your settings level

This is my settings


Mine are the same, it’s very odd, I have been using manager for a long time and it’s only since the latest update that this is happening. I may roll back to the previous version and just wait for the next update.

Thanks for trying to help though!

I have found the problem, the app was set to run as administrator, unchecking that option has fixed the issue!

How did it get to being set as Run as Administrator?

When I download and install, it is not set to Run as Administrator - if the install procedure now does this, I would be getting worried

I really have no idea, I downloaded and installed this as I have done with all the previous versions. The only difference between this install and the others was that it required an update to the framework for microsoft edge.