Problem of journal entries in sales invoice

hello sir
I was enter the journal entries of the customer. The journal enteries balance are show in sales invoice of the customer and or also in the sales invoice of due balance. Its is the big problem for me to
deduction the previous payment of the customer.
Please help and solve this problem. Your last version 18.1.41 software are working good.
Please upgrade the latest version 19.5.55 software they have not show the journal enteries balance in sales invoice
You can also check screen shot.

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but its is a software problem

where is a public forum

@Daniyal why are you creating journal entries?

Do you have bank line items? Or how are you adding customer payments?

Can’t you just assign customer payments to the customers account, then these amounts will be worked out for you. No journal entries needed.

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@Daniyal, I do not know what you are trying to do. You have not completely explained your situation. But it looks like you are trying to enter starting balances with a journal entry. That is not how it is done. Read these Guides:

You should also not expect previous balances to show up on sales invoices. Sales invoices record only current transactions initially. When they are paid, a mini-statement at the bottom shows receipts recorded against them to adjust the balance due.

Because they have some due balances of the customer in previous ledger.
But I entry Due balances of the customer in journal entries they are not showing in sales invoice of balance due.

stating balances for a business are not entered as journal entries in Manager.
read below guides.