Problem entering addtional info on item description line in Invoice

I have a number of products that come from the manufacturer as ‘bundles’ and are sold to end users that way. The bundle includes 2-3 items which each have separate serial numbers. We add the serial numbers to the invoice item Description when the bundle is sold.

I can click into the middle of the Invoice Description field but as soon as I start to type, the cursor jumps to the end of the text in the description. I’m using the Desktop v. 19.7.62.

I have worked around it by going to the end of the text, typing in the serial number, then cutting it and clicking inside the text and pasting it just after the item it goes with. Honestly, not the way i want to work and even adding a space inside the text description is not easy.

Is it supposed to work this way? Is it a bug? If not, can it be a feature request?


Update your software. This was an issue that (so far as is known) affected Windows 7 installations. It was corrected a week ago in version 19.9.32.

Thanks - I had just updated and didn’t think to check for yet again a new version. I’ll do that later today.


You are roughly 50 versions behind. The program advances very rapidly.

I’ll start checking every day or so - the file I last installed from was dated 8-27-19 and was downloaded from the site. Just didn’t expect 50 updates in basically a 3 week period. Great work to have that much done regularly!

Follow the Releases page: Not all updates are detectable by users. Significant changes are posted there. Or subscribe to the newsletter and update when there are changes you want to take advantage of.