Unique Product Serial Numbers


We are a manufacturing company and the finished good we invoice each have unique serial numbers.

For example, product XYZ with total billed quantity of 10 nos has serial numbers AB01, AB02,… AB10.

An invoice may contain one or more billed products and each product should have their own serial numbers.

So my questions are:

  1. whether it is possible to add a row below each product line specifying its respective serial numbers. The serial number entry can be in two or three box fields like “Serial From” - “Serial To” which would specify a range of serial numbers when they are continuous and an extra box field where we could specify the serial numbers manually in case its not continuous or both.

  2. This row should appear below every row of products entered in the sales invoice.

  3. It would also be helpful if the serial numbers can be tracked later which usually is the case when a customer claims guarantee and we have to crosscheck whether the product is within the guarantee period.

  4. Also is there any option to add a packing slip along with the invoice?

Any help regarding these would be greatly appreciated by many i hope as these are the basic requirements in an invoice for any manufacturing company.


Yes, just add a line - leave the item/account field blank and put the serial numbers in the description field

If you have the Delivery Note tab activated, create a Delivery Note, but generally you wouldn’t send Invoice & Delivery Note together as they are almost a duplication of each other

  1. I am sorry but that is not what i asked for. Your suggestion is as simple as just entering the serial numbers in a bracket along with product description while making an invoice. I need a field which asks for the serial number which i can trace back to later by providing the unique serial number.

Atleast if i cannot track back the unique serial number, i should be able to select the unique serial numbers when providing a packing slip for the invoice.

  1. Regarding the packing slip, please dont combine the idea of a deliver note with a packing slip. They are completely different.

A delivery note is just like a cover letter to the customer indication that the supplier has dispatched the items as described in the invoice.

A packing slip contains the detailed packing details of a shipment. For example, 10 items can be packed as 5 each in two boxes which is denoted as 1of2 and 2of2. The packing slip, in this example, should indicate that so and so range of unique serial numbers of so and so product is packed in box denoted by identifier 1of2 or 2of2, along with the gross weight of the box if required.

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In your first post you asked for : 1.whether it is possible to add a row below each product line specifying its respective serial numbers, 2.This row should appear below every row of products entered in the sales invoice.

Yes, in Manger it is possible to add a row below each product and yes it is possible to specify serial numbers and as shown in the example it can be entered in the sales invoice.

As to your specifically unique requirements of speciality serial number fields - no, due to the complexity of how business to business establish their own serial numbering systems.

1234 v’s ABC1234 v’s ABC1234XYZ789MN-002

Unsure of your country but in the majority of the world a Delivery Note and a Packing Slip are one and the same which is a document delivered with the goods in lieu of an accompanying invoice.

You can also incorporate serial numbers into descriptions themselves. The Description field will accept HTML coding, so you have considerable flexibility in how it appears. Since the Description field appears in the Sales Invoices register, you would be able to use the Search function to find a specific serial number’s sales invoice. An entry might look something like:

Tiddly Winks<br>Serial nos. xxxx, yyyy, zzzz, which would render as:

Tiddly Winks
Serial nos. xxxx, yyyy, zzzz

A search for any of those serial numbers would return the sales invoice on which it was sold.

You can also edit descriptions on delivery notes to include more information on how they are packed, or add notes. And if you want to obsess over what the form title is, you can change it. See this Guide: