Problem assigning company to user

Something is wrong with the web version: Have just created a new company and want to give permission to users but the function is not working. I can click the company and it shows up as available for the user but it is impossible to update the website that the change goes into effect. Using Microsoft Edge, using the software for years now, never had this problem.
Thanks in advance to whoever can clarify what the issue is and how to solve it!


You need to explain further.

What exactly does this mean? Are you aware that after providing access to the business for a user you must assign specific permissions?

You need to furnish explicit information with screenshots that show what actions should be permitted for a user that are not. Your screenshot so far demonstrates the program is working as expected.

The screen is stuck, that’s what it means, I cannot update it, the update Button is blocked by the stuck screen.

I know how to assign user rights, have been using this software for years now.

Are you saying your display is completely frozen? That implies a computer problem. Can you navigate to another website? Can you open other applications? “The screen is stuck” is not very specific.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Can you try another web-browser to see if it’s browser related?

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It was the drop down menu that got stuck. The computer was fine network was fine that’s why I assumed it was the software and I had never seen the same problem before. Restarted everything and the problem persisted. I guess it was a browser problem, Edge. Now it’s working again.
Am working in a new project and had to give access rights to someone urgently.

Thanks for checking on this problem, it’s been resolved and most probably wasn’t a problem but a browser problem.