Printing Sales Quote & invoices on LetterPad

How can i modify my all documents without logo so that i can print it on company`s LETTERHEAD. Please guide. new on manager day1.
secondly customize template link please

Remove your logo in the Settings tab. It will then not appear on any transaction. However, that will also change the layout of all forms, so the alignment with your pre-printed letterhead may not be satisfactory. To adjust that, you will have to write a custom theme.

What do you mean? The only “templates” in Manager are email templates. See You cannot customize a link. Hyperlinks in Manager show up as blue text—and there are many, on almost every screen.

Customize theme for sales quote & invoices. possible?
have seen some members posted special code for theme.

Reading the Guides should always be your first source of information. In this case, see

In general, posting theme code is discouraged unless it pertains to a problem with a specific feature of Manager. This forum is not a coding forum. There are plenty of those. Code that appears on the forum is never verified by the developer unless it is posted by @lubos. It could produce erroneous results or even violate the local regulations it supposedly addresses. So anyone who uses such code does so at their own risk.

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any recommended YouTube video tutorial.
Thanks alot


The developer does not monitor, review, or endorse any videos others may publish. There is a good chance anything available is out of date, because the program advances rapidly.

The reality, in my opinion, is that you would be better off paying more attention to accounting and less to cosmetics of your invoices.