Printing resolution change

Hi admin and members,

I got 1 problem right now, before already ok.

The problem is, when i using dot printing the text was not sharp.

Before the latest update, i already got this problem. But then the problem was SOLVE with the new updates… the text was clear, sharp. (i dont remember which version).

But today, i got the same problem as before. Again the text become not clear, not sharp.

It was not the printing problem. Becoz when i doing printing in words/ pdf and others document, the printing should be ok.

I attach picture for reference.

Can you see? the left one text sharp, clear, no white dots… while the right side, the text was not clear, got white dots…

This does not seem like a Manager issue to me. It seems like a printer setup issue. Dot matrix printers often have resolution choices in their printer dialog boxes.

Are you printing directly from the Print button? Or are you first creating a PDF and printing the PDF?

Print direct from print button.

But last week it still okay, the text clear, no white dots.

It just be like this again (white dots) begin from yesterday i think.

I already ask printing center, they said it might becoz of the sofware text resolution or something like that.

Becoz when we print direct from others cloud sofware, no problem.

Are you using the cloud edition of Manager?

This could be related to font change. New font size is 9pt (or 12px) and maybe this printer cannot handle font of this size?

i dont know why. but printing in words dont have prob small font size.

by the way, im using cloud edition of manager.

Same problem with me.
Admin. whats the older font size can we change it.

You can impose font size changes by modifying or adding code to a custom theme. But you will need someone who understands HTML and Liquid coding. You should also be aware that the font size reduction came in response to many requests for users, who thought the old standard size was too large.

so this problem, just because of the size reduction ?

what the size before? and what the size for now?

I don’t know if your problem is because of the font size reductions. That was one possible explanation offered by @lubos. As he said, the standard font size is now 9 points, or 12 pixels. I am not certain, but I believe it was 12 points previously.

I dont think so.

Because in other sofware, smaller size px do not give any problem for dot printing.

I dont know where the mistake, but we (who using dot printing for invoice), really hope there will be updates to fix this problem.

I dont know if any out there using normal printing for invoice. Mostly here in malaysia, in bussiness we using dot printer for printing invoice.

Manager has no printer driver. You posted earlier than you are printing using the Print button, so whatever is happening is within your operating system.

You may have a font substitution problem, because the photo you showed of your old and recent forms use different fonts. You may have a dot matrix font in the larger size that was substituted by your printer driver, but not have one in the smaller size. You have not said enough to know why the forms use different fonts, but that serif-style font shown on your earlier form did not come from Manager.

is this thread still be answered?

i have a question if any one here?

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please post your questions if it is not already discussed in the forum and related to the current topic, else create a new topic.

I’m closing this topic because it is obsolete. The entire printing approach in Manager has been changed, so comments may no longer be applicable. If you have questions, @umar6580, start a new topic.