Printing issue on dox matrix printing

I got printing issue when print out from here(document), and the printing are not so sharp. Got white dots in the text.

But it will be fine if i print on Microsoft Word. The text are sharp and clean.

So i wonder if document from here got smaller resolution, and effect the printing.

Im using dox matrix printing.

What’s dox matrix printing? You mean dot matrix printing?

To be honest, not sure about your issue. The problem with these printers is low resolution so it’s possible Manager is not compatible with them.

I guess, Microsoft Word being much older program than Manager has legacy support for dot matrix printers. That would explain the difference.

Word is probably using a printer font, which comes in specific sizes that work well on your printer. Manager uses the in-built web browser printer engine, which by default uses scalable fonts. If your printer needs to scale a 10-point font by 97.275% percent, say, to fit the paper size, it’s going to come out jaggedy because the dots aren’t small enough to scale evenly.

Try turning off scaling. In Manager, right-click on something printable, select “Print Preview,” and then click the gear icon in the print-preview toolbar. In the Page Setup dialog, try turning “Enable Shrink-to-Fit” off and see if that makes any difference. Also make sure the print scaling in the Print Preview is set to 100%.

Also try playing with the default fonts used for printing. Open Internet Explorer. Override document fonts by selecting the “Ignore fonts specified in webpages” option in Tools > Internet Options > General > Accessibility. Then try selecting different fonts in Tools > Internet Options > General > Fonts (try simple fonts, like Arial and Courier).

Finally, if you’ve been printing directly from Manager, try instead printing to a PDF file (google Cute PDF and install it if you don’t have a PDF printer driver) and see if that helps at all. Or vice versa.

If none of that works, consider getting a laser printer.