Printing out one of the selected account ledger in Summary Menu


How to print out or email directly from one of the selected account in Summary Menu?
We just see “Export” facility at the bottom line. And We think Manager should be having “Set Period” manually for the selected account event hough already existing at left corner but it’s global is’n it? and would be effected to another user as well, it will interrupt to each other when reviewing with different purposes

Sorry It’s just our experience when using Manager.

Thank you.

what are you trying to print?
there is a reports section which creates all the reports necessary for a business.

I mean like the following pict


It is possible to be implemented in manager?

It’s very useful to review or check quickly beside already existing “Searrching” in there

The difficulty with your request, @Ksanti, is that balances in accounts depend on transactions prior to some arbitrary date a user enters. Balance sheet accounts go all the way back to the beginning of the business. P&L accounts go back to the beginning of the accounting period determined under Set Period.

If you are talking about Summary > P&L accounts, then you can simply change the Summary > Set Period dates to match your suggested “From To” fields and then click on the account blue figure to see a list of related transactions.

For the BS you can use the Reports > General Ledger Transaction report

We have tried to do that but the point is when using in multi user, the single user I think no problem. “set period” would be affecting to another user that is global set.

Well, If We go the General Ledger Transaction I think is already talked about in many times in this forum. At least one account could be implemented to review quickly.

Please see the following pict what I mean and the result view as follows

Added to the existing idea topic.
(From 01-02-1820 - a very old business)

Sorry I was wrong to set period I mean from 01-02-2018 to 26-02-2018