Printing option for cash and bank transaction

is it possible to add print option to cash and bank transaction if we need to show full details in print as: bank, account name, tacking code to be same what we enter when we create the voucher

The print copy of the cash and bank receipt transaction is designed as a hardcopy receipt which could be given to a customer. The program is designed on the assumption that your customer does not need to know which account you used to receive his money and, thus, the account details are not printed on the receipt

What is the business case for printing these details on the form?

It could be done using custom fields and/or custom themes

Remember, @faiez, Manager is intended to be used on a computer, where all that information is available. It is not designed simply to generate paper for a paper-based system.

its is better if we have option for normal print and other for full details to check and review the entries without open the transaction to see details from there

with my respect
paper is important for most accountant for filing and other works
documentation is part from finance work