Printing an expense account

I’ve searched around the forum for the answer to this but am coming up short. So please forgive if this is a repeat.
I need to print the contents of a “Motor Vehicle” account under expense. It isn’t for internal use, though I think printing could prove useful for this as well.
The accountant is requesting so that he can pick through it for tax purposes and pick out what is covered under the mileage deduction and what is an “expense” that can be claimed. Currently the only way I can get this list to him is to take a back up on a thumb drive and have him download the manager program to import it. Not his preferred method.
So is it possible to simply print a single account?


You can print all the movements of a certain period of an account (including starting and closing balance) going under “reports”, “general ledger transactions”, selecting the specific period and the specific account.

You can then save this as a PDF or export it in excel.

Well that was a round about way to do it but it got me what i needed. Thank you for the prompt response!

How was it a round about way?

You had to select the account, the dates and that was it

I couldn’t select an account only a date range which produced results for everything not just the account I wanted. It wasn’t a problem. It served my needs, I didn’t say it was hard was just looking for something a little different which, what I wanted doesn’t exist as a possibility, I accepted and moved on with my need full filled by the fella that responded, I said thank you. Don’t look to far into it. lol

Then you did not select the account you wanted when you created the report. If your version of the program did not offer you that option, update your software. The account option was added several months ago.

I was going to look at this a little later I figured that was the case but time crunch pushed me into working with what I had. It all worked out