How can I print Report For a specific Expense?

how can I print Report For a specific Expense?? For example I want print detailed report just for “Car expense”

You could export to tsv and then print that way. Go to amount in summary and then see export at the bottom.

If you want to compare aspects of car car expense, you could do what I do which is I break car expenses up into insurance, petrol, annual service and repairs. So you create tracking codes for each of them and when you assign an expense to the car expense account select the relevelant tracking code.

Then you could go to reports, profit and loss statement and select dates, cash basis (as you are probably using that) and select tracking code as well as comparitive columns. That won’t give you an itemised report, but if you just basically want to know where all the money is going ie petrol, car repairs etc, that would be a good start.

But I think your question does highlight the fact that one needs a print option in the area where you can view the details in summary.

Everything @dalacor says is correct. But he is providing much more detail than you may need, which could make it sound more complex than it is.

As long as you have your chart of accounts set up to the level of detail you want, you can stop with @dalacor’s first step. Just click on the expense account balance in the summary and export.