Print the account column with Payments & Receipts

Hi everyone,
Is there anyway to add the account column to the printout form of any payment or receipt?
(It is urgently required)

Search the forum, this has been discussed. Question is why a customer or supplier would need to know in their receipt or payment where you internally in your accounting system assign them to. It is none of their business.

If you need to show someone such as an accountant all transactions per account over a particular period then you could use Reports → General Ledger Transactions. If you leave Account “empty” then all accounts and their transactions show, if you only want it for specific transaction then you can add them by clicking on empty and select one by one those you want in the report.

Welcome to the forum @Ahmed_Ammar,

There are a couple of discussions with similar yet different proposed outcomes:

  1. A request for a transaction journal for each document, where you can verify and audit the accounting treatment for your documents:
    Journal entries

  2. Show account names as line descriptions in case your accounts are descriptive enough:
    Optional Account Descriptions - #2 by lubos

@Ealfardan’s item #2 was already implemented in recent weeks. An entry without an item name or description will show the account by default.

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This is not for customers or suppliers, it is for my own printout, my own archiving.
I need the printout of this transaction to show the accounts for me (as an accounting manager), for the internal auditor, for the external auditor, for the management.

I’m talking about the printout to which I should attach all the related documents.

Did you try?

Thank you for your reply.
It shows the transactions related to a specific account/s.

What I need is any printout showing the account/s which is debited and credited by a given payment (or Receipt) transaction.

I believe that this request is so normal and any person in the accounting department will require the same when using any accounting software.

This was already answered by @Tut

Could you please explain further?
(((An entry without an item name or description will show the account by default.)))
The case I’m talking about has no items at all, although no account appears in the printout.

See below screenshots. The receipt has no item selected nor any description. In such case the account will show as per last screenshot.

The result shows account name rather than description

Great, I do appreciate your cooperation, but of course I need the description field to be printed also.

Anyway, for the time being, I’m using the (custom fields) to write the debit and credit account/s MANUALLY. (It is too hard, time wasting, and easy to have mistakes)

I’m still hoping the MANAGER team to response to this need ASAP.

@Ahmed_Ammar, the link to your PDF was deleted as a security risk to other forum members. If you want to illustrate something, please post screen shots.

You seem to be trying to turn Manager, a computer-based accounting system, into an old-fashioned, paper-based system. Any transaction or record in Manager can always be viewed on screen and reprinted, if necessary for review or audit

Can you explain why access to the database itself or a General Ledger Transactions report is not adequate?

As you gain more experience with Manager and use some of its more advanced features, I believe you will find this is not productive. There are situations in which the program makes automatic entries that you will not be able to edit to add this information. You would be better off to rely on the built-in methods for accessing and presenting the data you say you want. Otherwise, what is the point of using a computer-based system?