Print Template

Can you please do something to correct (align) the Header section print templates of the following documents to look similar like PO, DO or Invoice headers?

  1. Expense Claims
  2. Sales Orders
  3. Debit Notes

The reason why these documents look different is because they are internal to you. Why do you care about them not looking like invoices or purchase orders?

@lubos Yes, I agree that those are internal documents. However, Debit Notes become external sometimes! If we need to debit a supplier for something like ‘charges incurred by us but need to be paid by the supplier’, debit notes come handy. We cannot raise an invoice for this, due to various reasons and so we send them a debit note, for their accounting purpose.
My suggestion was to keep design uniformity on those documents, which would look better! Even though the documents are internal, we need to take a print and keep them. Aligning the header for these documents would look clean, which otherwise is looking so disoriented with taller/wider headers.
This is just a suggestion!

I definitely plan to unify the look & feel of those documents but I don’t agree with your workflow. If you are charging supplier for something either issue them sales invoice or send them copy of receipts and ask them to give you a credit (which means they will issue credit note to you)

@lubos Thanks for your reply! Now it is clear that the Debit Note option is only a dummy thing to account a supplier’s credit note within Manager. I have been sending debit notes to suppliers for the last 3 years and so far things were fine. Just wanted the design on Debit note to look professional! By your advice, from now on, I need to request the supplier to send me a credit note and then for internal accounting, and I will use the debit note against that particular credit note. From this, I have to change the concept… “Customer and Supplier are Kings”. There are few suppliers who just do not respond to your request for credit notes and they take their own time to raise the credit note, which creates non reconciliation and confusion later.
No issues, will go by your concept… Thanks for your time!

I know what you mean… this is the reason I have added “supplier statements” even though in perfect world this feature should be useless as it should be supplier sending you a statement, not the other way around.

The question is, if you ever get audited, is customer-issued debit note to supplier acceptable? I guess in some cases it shouldn’t be a problem as debit note doesn’t really affect anything if you are on cash-basis.