Custom Field on Debit Notes

Can we have the custom field on the Debit notes, be available for printing as well, similar to Sales Quote and Invoices.

currently this facility is not available.

It will required to provide narration to the supplier

But debit notes in Manager context are internal documents.

Basically credit notes you receive from suppliers should be recorded as debit notes in Manager. You’d never print a debit note to give to a supplier.

It so happens, sometimes there are rejections in the material we procure, or the consignment may call for a rework at our end.

In this case we raise a debit note to the supplier and send it across for their reference and accounting.

Thereby the debit note that is raised, should have all the details as to why the amount has been debited, and against which invoice …etc ,


@lubos I think @edward_dileep has a point as today I was even asked by my supplier to issue debit notes for settlement of account due to measurement losses which effected quantity practically received than quantity and value invoiced and for the faulty goods which has no or minimal value in the market.
I definitely searched for posts in manager with this issue and searched several websites for learning in depth. Let me attach one here for your perusal:
I might be wrong and want you to correct me.

It makes little sense for you to initiate a debit note. That would mean that any time you didn’t want to pay an invoice, you could just issue a debit note.

The obligation for payment was established by the supplier’s sales invoice. Reduction of that obligation occurs when the supplier issues a credit note to you, which you record as a debit note because you are on the opposite side of that transaction.

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As in my cases, i already paid 100% money for the goods before they were even shipped - so i think it is more realistic way to adjust account via debit note which i have been doing ever since :slight_smile:
I don’t know if i am making sense now and will be able to explain you properly. But i am pretty much sure that, you will find more circumstances with many suppliers who ask for debit notes for various adjustment.
Let me put one more occasion here for clarity. Few months back, before i switched to Manager, i was asked by an owner of bulk vessel to issue a debit note for claiming despatch money which was receivable for discharging cargo quicker and saving owner’s time. In this case, i can’t invoice them as i haven’t sold them any goods nor they purchased any. So how do you think to settle accounts? Please advies

You could look at things another way, @raJ. In your example of dispatch money, you purchased faster unloading service on behalf of the owner. You could account for that with Billable Expenses and then send a sales invoice. Or you could just invoice them for that service. The situation would be much like fulfilling a request from an owner to purchase repair parts to be delivered to a ship when it reaches port. This is how freight forwarders and cargo expediters make money.

So no, you didn’t sell goods, but you either sold a service (faster discharging of cargo) or purchased a service on the owner’s behalf. Either way, a sales invoice is an appropriate way to be paid for what you did.

I really can’t agree with you on this. The world till today uses a debit note for claiming this kind of despatch money which is not a product nor a service as this is not a business i do but is a contractually agreed terms where time saved is rewarded and time lost is to be paid back to owner as demurrage. Billable expenses would be appropriate for shipping agents/ concerns directly connected to this field of business.

Obviously, business practices vary by place and industry. I understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Your approach would be considered highly irregular in some locations because it involves the buyer unilaterally reducing the amount due on a sales invoice. I can only advise you that your approach was not what was planned for debit notes by Manager’s developer. That is why debit notes in Manager may not meet your expectations. They were envisioned as internal records only. I also note that the web site you cited is a collection of opinions and a forum, not an authority.

@raJ, typically it should always be supplier issuing you credit note. They shouldn’t be telling you “please issue me a debit note”, they should just send you credit note. But then there is a concept of customer-issued invoices. So I guess this is the same thing… customer-issued credit notes.

For now, Manager cannot do customer-issued credit notes.

Manager may not have issuable Debit Notes but they are a valid document.

A debit note is a document used by a Purchaser to inform a Supplier that goods are being returned and requests that the value either be repaid (if paid) or be deducted from an unpaid invoice. The debit note enables the Supplier to identify the Customer and confirm the quantities being returned. On delivery a duplicate may be signed as proof of the return.

Returning goods without appropriate documentation could lead to all sorts of problem.

The Supplier then issues a credit note to the Purchaser indicating that the goods have been received and that the Purchaser no longer needs to pay for them.

Generally, debit notes relate to the returning of goods, rather then adjusting of invoice values/services, but I have known Solicitors to issue debit notes when there has been a change in invoiced charges - it just formalises the adjustment

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@Tut I admire your comments, but unable to agree from majority aspect and don’t want to hook in a debate war on this topic. I just want to sincerely request for implementation of this feature.
Liked your understanding that - not all business/industry runs the same way as they all have different way of working. Since Manager itself welcomes its features to most of these industries - why don’t we have the feature so that everyone can use it if required? People can always use it as internal record like now but many(in my point of view) will be benefited from this.
I can definitely show more hundreds of websites and professional’s answer regarding the give and take of debit and credit notes. @Brucanna has organized and put in his comment.

I know u have put a lot of effort into Manager to work flawlessly.
As the purpose of debit note stays the same whichever the way a user issues it - i think that would not cause any much.
Sincere request to you to just show up custom field in the printable version for record. Also noticed that the description field as well does not seem to appear in the printable version as well. Thank you.