Possible bug?


After the discussions about COGS and labor costs, I went into reports to try to figure out what is going on, because I’m having difficulty rectifying the built in costs, the cost of items I carried over from 2015, etc. From a P/L report for January, I clicked on Inventory-sales under Expenses to get to the list of transactions, and found that Manager was not accounting for stock used in several transactions, and was miscounting inventory items (for instance, .0007 for a single piece). Is this a bug or is this somehow related to how I set up my inventory kits?


Here is another screen shot of the same page with the example of .0007 silica sachet

I’d need to see whole file. It’s impossible to explain from two screenshots. You can send it to lubos@manager.io

Also let me know what exactly you see, where and what you expect to see there.