Sales not adjusting Inventory - cost account

We suddenly seem to have a problem where only inventory on credit notes is posted to the inventory cost account. The inventory value is not being reduced by sales receipts. The problem had only appeared recently but has affected all previous transactions back to day one. So now our inventory value is the value of all our inventory purchases and our cost of sales is a small negative figure.

There were several related new bugs just fixed. Update your software and see if the problem is fixed. If not, provide more detailed information and illustrate with screen shots.

I am using cloud version - thought it updated itself. If not how do I do it?

Here is our summary page.

as you can see only -$145.22 in cost of sales where previously this was $thousands. When I click on the cost of sales these are the only transactions that appear:

Log out and log back in.

Have done this

Thanks for the screen shots. I am moving this topic to the bugs category. I don’t know what is going on, but there seem to have been bugs following on bugs, all related to inventory. I assume there is some major infrastructure change in the works in preparation for a new feature launch.

Thanks - hope it is resolved soon because its a bit scary.

@miniLG please upgrade to the latest version (20.5.19)


Seems to be fixed now. Am using cloud version so should upgrade itself??

Same problem has appeared again - assume their has been another upgrade??

Do you have any production orders with insufficient quantities? This was the major infrastructure change I speculated about in post #6. See the Guide:

No - we don’t use production orders.

@miniLG, is the problem exactly the same, or does it only seem somewhat similar? In other words, are your previous screen shots still directly applicable? If not, please illustrate with current examples.

As far as I can tell it is exactly the same problem but of course the figures are different as they should be given a month or so of transactions have been entered. Unable to send screenshot at the moment but will later tonight.

Here is a screen shot showing inventory values at $118k where they should be around $73k

Your most recent post and screen shot do not help:

  • The screen shot does not show your Inventory - cost account, which is what the subject of this thread is about.
  • Your post mentions the balance of your Inventory on hand account, not Inventory - cost.
  • You have given no information about why you think either account is incorrect.
  • To illustrate a problem, you will need to post screen shots of Edit screens of transactions you believe are being handled incorrectly. Otherwise, we have only your statement that something is wrong, with no way of determining if it really is or why.

Sorry didn’t realise it had been cut off - but as I said before same problem as above. Will try and post more screens shots.

Not sure if this is what you want or not .

What you need to show is a data trail:

  • Choose an inventory item you have sold recently.
  • Drill down on that item in the Inventory Items tab to show its quantities and average cost.
  • Post a sales invoice on which you sold that item. Show the Edit screen.
  • Drill down on the Inventory - cost account for the time period of the sales invoice.

However, before doing any of that, you need to solve bigger problems. You should not have any balance in Starting balance equity. Manager creates this account automatically to force the accounting equation to balance. The fact that you have a balance usually means you have set something up incorrectly. Occasionally, it can point to erroneous workflow. Drill down on that balance to see what makes it up and remedy the problems.

You also should have no balance in Suspense. That is where Manager temporarily posts incomplete or incorrect transactions until they can be fixed. See

I will work through the suspense transactions as I think they are mistakes I have made but I don’t understand about the starting balance equity as the only figures there are for starting bank balance and startup stock as per screen shots.

The starting balance entry is like a big journal entry. All money there must have come from somewhere such as owner equity or retained earning.
If the starting balance “journal entry” doesn’t balance, Manager put the difference / error in the system account “Starting balance equity”